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The beam width is 140° in the E-plane, which indicates that it can be used as a unit antenna for a wide-angle coverage phased array. Table 2: Parameters of the slot antenna array unit (mm). Figure 3: Simulation results of substrate integrated waveguide slot antenna unit. WIDE BEAM TAPERED SLOT ANTENNA FOR WIDE ANGLE … eRx2¡eRx1. The taper length, L is x2 ¡ x1 and the aperture height is H is 2(y2 ¡ y1) + WSL. In the limiting case where R approaches zero, the exponential taper results in a so-called linearly tapered slot antenna (LTSA) for which the taper slope is constant and given by s0 = (y2 ¡ y1)=(x2 ¡ x1). Implementation of rectangular slit-inserted ultra-wideband Aug 22, 2016 · Abstract. The rectangular slit-inserted tapered slot antenna operated at a bandwidth of 8.45 GHz, and the bandwidth improved upon the basic tapered slot antenna by 4.72 GHz. The radiation pattern of the antenna was suitable for location recognition in a certain direction owing to an appropriate 3 dB beam width. US7642981B2 - Wide-band slot antenna apparatus with As described above, the unbalanced-feed wideband slot antenna apparatus of the present invention not only can achieve a wideband operation which is difficult for prior art slot antenna apparatuses to achieve, but also can maintain a main beam direction across an operating band, and suppress undesired variations in half-width of a main beam in

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Design And Analysis Of Compact U Slot Microstrip Patch ... The size of this slot antenna is lower than that of rectangular antenna. To improve the compact size of this antenna, modified U -slot technique is introduced. As seen from the table U -slot antenna with dimension of only 46mm*56mm. CONCLUSION In this paper, compact micro strip antenna with U -shaped slot is designed and has Yagi Antenna Gain | Directivity Front to Back Ratio ... Gain and beamwidth options for Yagi antenna . This means that very high gain antennas are very directive. Therefore high gain and narrow beam-width sometimes have to be balanced to provide the optimum performance. Yagi-Uda antenna gain considerations. There are several features of the design of a Yagi antenna that affect its gain:

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Design And Analysis Of Compact U Slot Microstrip Patch ... radius and slot width [5]. In recent years, some papers were reported for Dual/triple band operation by using single/double U slot in the microstrip antenna. ... directivity, side lobe level and front to back ratio. The 3 dB beam width of antenna is simply a measure of the angular width of the -3 dB points on the antenna pattern relative to the ... Slot antenna | Revolvy Slot antenna (left) X-band slotted waveguide marine radar antenna on ship, 8 - 12 GHz. The antenna radiates a narrow vertical fan-shaped beam of microwaves, scanning the entire 360° water surface around the ship with each rotation. (right) Cross section of similar marine radar antenna, showing slots in waveguide. Slotted array UHF television broadcasting antenna A slot antenna consists of a ... Compact Rectangular Slot Patch Antenna for Dual Frequency ... This paper presents the design and simulation of a compact rectangular slot patch antenna for dual frequency operation at 2.4 GHz and 5.2 GHz using the inset feed technique. The simulation of the designed antenna was done with the aid of computer simulation technology (CST) microwave studio version 12.

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Antennas: The Slotted Waveguide Antenna (Planar Array of Slots) On the previous page on slotted waveguides, it was shown that for a single waveguide strip, the radiation pattern tends to have a very wide beamwidth in the  ... Loop and Slot Antennas - nptel