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Ragnarok - Game Info - Gearing Up Composition of this item has a 40% success rate and will yield a random job mount. The versions include magic attack for Mage and Acolyte classes and a physical attack version for all other classes. The composition result can be traded, and the 1st Job Change Mount is required for the next level of composition. Cards | Ragnarok Journey Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia The enchant option allows you to open locked card slots (200 Diamond for first slot & increasing by 50 Diamonds for each slot after, max 4) an open MvP card slots (1299-3999 Diamond). Once the card slot is open, you can enchant the equipment by selecting the card you wish to apply.

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Special Enchantment Guide | Diverseragnarok [ Normal Special Enchant ] This special enchantment has the highest success rate than the others and it decreases as you move on from one slot to another. The bonuses for Normal Special Enchant is completely random, however, you can at least choose your class so that the bonus wouldn't be so far... Item Enchanting - Lineage 2 Encyclopaedia If your enchantment is successful, the item will get one enchantment level, and before its title you'll see aAdditional slot. There are special items to increase the chance of successful enchanting.Enchant success rate +20% for R-grade weapons with Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon.

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Hi guys,can anyone here do me script like that?just a simple enchanter that can enchat through slot 1st to 4th slotwith the required orb(enchantments) and success rate like 80% to 50%there is a script like this, the custom echanter, but the script is too complicated for me to edit it... so if any... Enchantment Guide: Why Choose Advanced... - 1gamerdash

This Socket Enchantment Simulation is based in Ragnarok Online, Below you can try Adding a Socket to the item that you want and you can also find below what materials ...

Eastern RPG / Awesome But Impractical - TV Tropes The rate also shoots up tremendously against an Organization XIII member, which is usually the time you'll want to use the Drive Forms. Eclage - GatheringRO Wiki There are three typical ways. One is to save a warp outside a location convenient to Eclage. The 2nd is to go to Mora Village and use the NPC outside of its east entrance to warp to Eclage's entrance. Features - Shining Moon Alternatively you can purchase the Letter from Brutus from the Cash shop to unlock your third slot. fjf the run - Pastebin.com